About our Church

Wytheville Baptist Church has served the Wytheville area for over 120 years. The first recorded meeting of Wytheville Baptist Church was in 1883. The cornerstone of the present building was laid on May 13, 1916. The educational building was completed in 1963, and the Williams Social Hall was added in 1983.

Wytheville Baptist Church supports the Baptist General Association of Virginia and the Western Blue Ridge Baptist Network.

We affirm Jesus Christ as Lord, the Head of the Church, and His Salvation as a gift to us. We value Holy Scripture as the Word of God. Our ultimate guide for living the life of faith is Jesus Christ. We value evangelism and missions, as we work together to accomplish the goal of the Great Commission.

Our purpose is to be the People of God doing the work of Jesus Christ in the world, as led by the Holy Spirit, knowing and loving God, loving each other, growing to maturity, serving Him in ministry, and sharing our faith.